The Ring returned to Loughborough University

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The Ring returned to Loughborough University from 16 to 20 August, 2012. Or so it was implied by the label under which the English Tolkien Society celebrated the 75th anniversary of the publication of ‘The Hobbit’. The celebration included an art show, to which I was invited. Also I gave a short talk on my work.

Taking part in the art show proved an exercise in drawing attention to miniatures in a setting dominated by full-sized drawings and paintings. People who know my pictures only from reproductions often seem to imagine them much larger than they actually are. (At a recent meeting of the German TS I was expected to arrive carrying a large portfolio.) Thanks to the good care of Becky Dillon, who curated the show, my work got a relatively secluded space all to its own, where we could sit and talk with visitors. A series of reproductions in limited editions (signed by the artist) is being planned for production starting October next, and first samples were shown together with some originals.

Visitors who paid serious attention to the paintings and stayed for a while to discuss them were generally people who were already acquainted with them through the Tolkien calendars and/or ‘A Tolkien Tapestry’. Without some preparation of this kind, one supposes, people are more inclined to pass them at a quick glance. These are things one learns when one is part of the show oneself, so to speak, in a position to register response or lack of response on the spot.

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  1. Becky Dillon
    June 18, 2014

    Thank you, Cor and Janny, for joining us at “Return of the Ring” in 2012.

    Even though this is certainly late, it is nonetheless, heartfelt. You provided me with an exceptional experience during our time together at the exhibition. I can only hope that you felt it was a worthwhile experience for you, as well.

    Very Best Regards


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